To all…

To all the teens out there or people that want to grow up. DON’T! It really is a trap and nothing’s gonna get better!

Stay in school, learn everything you can while you learn it fast. 16een is not going to be back. Ever! 13een going on 30 is a movie and doesn’t happen that way. All you’ll do is grow up, get a job, be alone, your friends are going to fuck up and fighting over girls and boys will turn out to fight over jobs and who has the bigger house.

Dare to dream. Dare to dream everything’s going to be alright. It will be eventually…I guess.

Keep your enemies close and learn how you can defeat everyone. Being the nice person doesn’t mean you are the bigger person. You will fuck up many times. You will be disappointed now and then. You will be sad most of the times and accepting your fate won’t work. You’ll eventually get to the point that nothing is right and nothing will be fine..but mark my and boys/girls, buisness and having a giant house or a nice car won’t make you happy.
Set your priorities! Why are you alive and where do you want to go! Nothing and no one is worth it. Follow your dream and you’ll get there!

Believe me…I’m working on this too. It’s hard to stay on your path and not give up and go with the flow.

You’ll get there! You’ll get there…





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